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12 thoughts on “Contact”

    1. @Kalpesh Gandhi currently it is not possible to provide solutions of external examination. However, in most of the cases syllabus for regular and external shall be similar. So if you are in part/year one you should refer to sem 1 & 2 paper solutions.

      P.s. check syllabus first then proceed.

    1. @Neel Patel currently we provide solutions in Gujarati only.
      meanwhile you can do followings to better understand those solutions.
      1. ask your teachers to help understand those solutions in English.
      2. question papers are available in both English & Gujarati. Thus, you can understand solutions easily if you follow Gujarati & English question papers at same time.
      3. I’m sure some of your friends/classmates are from Gujarati medium (HSC Gujarati), you can ask for their help.

      1. In,advance accounting & auditing 8
        There is no solution of question num 2
        Of ratio analysis in November December 2018 .

        I am talking about mahavir ltd (14 marks)
        (Q 2 Shri Mahavir ltd )
        Q 2 Kaival co ltd

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